What does the destruction of the windmill in Animal Farm represent?

Napoleon blames the collapse of the windmill on Snowball’s sabotage, not inadequate construction, and the animals agree. The windmill now symbolizes the gaslighting, or psychological manipulation, that the pigs have inflicted on the rest of the animals.

What does a windmill symbolize in Animal Farm?

The windmill itself is a symbol of technological progress. Snowball wants it to be built because he thinks it will bring to the farm a degree of self-sufficiency � which accords with the principles of Animalism.

Why was the windmill destroyed in Animal Farm?

Knowing that the animals are not familiar with money, Frederick pays for the timber in forged banknotes. When the forgery is discovered, Frederick attacks Animal Farm and destroys the windmill. The insulted Mr. Pilkington refuses to help the animals defend their farm.

How does Napoleon explain the destruction of the windmill?

How is the windmill destroyed? Why does Napoleon blame Snowball? A violent November storm blows it down. Instead of admitting that the windmill’s walls were not thick enough to support it against a strong wind, Napoleon blames Snowball for blowing it up.

How do the humans explain the destruction of the windmill?

Out of spite, the human beings pretended not to believe that it was Snowball who had destroyed the windmill: they said that it had fallen down because the walls were too thin. The animals knew that this was not the case.

What is symbolic about the windmill?

The windmill is a universal symbol of life, hope, serenity and resilience. It is widely used in literature, music and films to represent fascinating, important, diverse and mystical matters.

How did the pigs explain the destruction of the windmill?

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Why does Napoleon blame Snowball for destroying the windmill?

Napoleon blames Snowball for the destruction of the windmill, which obviously was a result of the huge storm that took place, to unite the animals with a common hatred, then used to drive them to work harder and become more loyal to Napoleon.

What was the cause of the battle of the windmill?

Napoleon finally sells the timber to Frederick, who pays with forged notes. When he realises that Frederick has tricked him, Napoleon passes the death sentence on the farmer. Frederick then invades the farm and destroys the windmill.

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