Some thoughts on waste

Hey there! This post was originally published on blog over a year ago. I've decided to revisit for several reasons: I was asked about it in a podcast (have a listen to Clothes Making Mavens!), I'm planning to relaunch Kintsugi this year or early next year with a collection of one-of-a-kind kimono remakes only,… Continue reading Some thoughts on waste

The Acton Dress: a refashion

Hello there! Last month, while visiting my favorite vintage kimono store, the shop assistant came up to me with star shaped eyes and a summer kimono. There were several holes, especially in the back, which sadly meant this hand-stiched gorgeousness had ended up in the "remake&recycle" section of the store. Since she knows I mostly… Continue reading The Acton Dress: a refashion

All I want for summer is you – the Hilo Dress

Hello hello hello! If you live in a climate like East Japan, you know summers are long and very, VERY humid (now, this year is a bit weird, as the rainy season came from the North instead of the South, and it's still ongoing. Hopefully, we'll experience a cooler summer than, let's say, last year).… Continue reading All I want for summer is you – the Hilo Dress

Tokyo Fabric Shopping Guide – Part II

This series of blog posts where originally published on After the success of Part I, I decided to make Part II also about Nippori. Here I will introduce a few more stores, mostly for the sake of completeness, and also will include my favorite leather shops. NO. 54 MIX NIPPORI This smallish second floor… Continue reading Tokyo Fabric Shopping Guide – Part II