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  • #TailoringForThem – Part I: Rationale and Resources

    2020/09/02 by

    This is Part I of a series on Classic Tailoring. Anybody who knows me or at least follows me on social media is aware I’ve a passion for classic tailoring which borders on obsession. I’m also non-binary, and while this part of my identity should not matter, it did have a large impact in my… Read more

  • Design Your Wardrobe – FW 2020

    2020/08/31 by

    Most people who learned to sew as autodidacts on the internet are familiar with Seamwork, with their easy-to-follow patterns, monthly magazine, and wealth of resources. What you may not know is that twice a year Seamwork guides you through a three-week course called Design Your Wardrobe (DYW). This is aimed to help you craft a… Read more

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