Attaching a shirt sleeve with 1 pin: myth or reality?

Setting in the sleeves of a shirt is possibly my least favorite sewing task. My problem is not so much the actual setting in, with easing and all that jazz, but rather the felling of the seam: the seam is too curved for the magical felling foot, and very conspicuous. In Neapolitan shirt making it… Continue reading Attaching a shirt sleeve with 1 pin: myth or reality?

The collar: a frame, but for your face!

One of the most challenging aspects of shirt making, in my opinion, is determining which collar shape best suits one's face. I'm not in the business of telling you what you have to do or not, just to show what I believe harmonizes a face...but these are by no means rules! Take it as a… Continue reading The collar: a frame, but for your face!

#TailoringForThem – Part II: The Anatomy of the Suit Jacket

This is part II of a series on Classic Tailoring. Click here for Part I. Last time we discussed the rationale and some resources. Now, you may ask, what makes a suit a suit? Today's post aims to answer exactly this question. Semantically, a suit is a combination of two or more pieces made in… Continue reading #TailoringForThem – Part II: The Anatomy of the Suit Jacket

#TailoringForThem – Part I: Rationale and Resources

This is Part I of a series on Classic Tailoring. For Part II, click here. Anybody who knows me or at least follows me on social media is aware I've a passion for classic tailoring which borders on obsession. I'm also non-binary, and while this part of my identity should not matter, it did have… Continue reading #TailoringForThem – Part I: Rationale and Resources

Some thoughts on waste

Hey there! This post was originally published on blog over a year ago. I've decided to revisit for several reasons: I was asked about it in a podcast (have a listen to Clothes Making Mavens!), I'm planning to relaunch Kintsugi this year or early next year with a collection of one-of-a-kind kimono remakes only,… Continue reading Some thoughts on waste