Some thoughts on waste

Hey there! This post was originally published on blog over a year ago. I've decided to revisit for several reasons: I was asked about it in a podcast (have a listen to Clothes Making Mavens!), I'm planning to relaunch Kintsugi this year or early next year with a collection of one-of-a-kind kimono remakes only,… Continue reading Some thoughts on waste

The Acton Dress: a refashion

Hello there! Last month, while visiting my favorite vintage kimono store, the shop assistant came up to me with star shaped eyes and a summer kimono. There were several holes, especially in the back, which sadly meant this hand-stiched gorgeousness had ended up in the "remake&recycle" section of the store. Since she knows I mostly… Continue reading The Acton Dress: a refashion

All I want for summer is you – the Hilo Dress

Hello hello hello! If you live in a climate like East Japan, you know summers are long and very, VERY humid (now, this year is a bit weird, as the rainy season came from the North instead of the South, and it's still ongoing. Hopefully, we'll experience a cooler summer than, let's say, last year).… Continue reading All I want for summer is you – the Hilo Dress