#TailoringForThem – Part II: The Anatomy of the Suit Jacket

This is part II of a series on Classic Tailoring. Click here for Part I. Last time we discussed the rationale and some resources. Now, you may ask, what makes a suit a suit? Today's post aims to answer exactly this question. Semantically, a suit is a combination of two or more pieces made in… Continue reading #TailoringForThem – Part II: The Anatomy of the Suit Jacket

#TailoringForThem – Part I: Rationale and Resources

This is Part I of a series on Classic Tailoring. For Part II, click here. Anybody who knows me or at least follows me on social media is aware I've a passion for classic tailoring which borders on obsession. I'm also non-binary, and while this part of my identity should not matter, it did have… Continue reading #TailoringForThem – Part I: Rationale and Resources

Some thoughts on waste

Hey there! This post was originally published on shopkintsugi.net blog over a year ago. I've decided to revisit for several reasons: I was asked about it in a podcast (have a listen to Clothes Making Mavens!), I'm planning to relaunch Kintsugi this year or early next year with a collection of one-of-a-kind kimono remakes only,… Continue reading Some thoughts on waste