A make from long ago: Style Arc Teddy Pants

When it comes to clothing, one of my greatest frustrations has always been pants. Often, if they fit on the waist, they are too tight on the hips, and don't even get me started on the inseam! In addition, I have over the years developed a love for super-high waisted pants. They fit me much… Continue reading A make from long ago: Style Arc Teddy Pants

Ready for summer: linen Persephone pants

Summer you say? But look at that sky! Oh, my first blog post! To be fair, this is by no means the first blog I start. Once I had a decently successful science divulgation blog (I was an undergrad, it was a simpler, way more carefree time!). For a while now I have felt the… Continue reading Ready for summer: linen Persephone pants