The mystery of the dress Carrie Bradshaw would have worn instead of the tulle skirt is revealed.

We turn to our best fictional fashion guru, Carrie Bradshaw, to find the perfect alternative to the tulle skirts we see so much lately.

Tulle is once again one of the main fabrics of this fall-winter, we have already seen it in the street style of the different fashion capitals or in the latest garments that Zara has added to its collections, especially as far as dresses and guest dresses are concerned.

But if tulle is not among your favorite fabrics, we have browsed the archives of the one who remains and will remain our fashion guru: Carrie Bradshaw.
Carrie Bradshaw’s alternative is a Marc Jacobs dress.

Although tulle garments are among the favorite pieces of our trusted fictional fashion victim, we wanted to look for an alternative and of course, the undisputed Carrie Bradshaw has the answer: a pearl gray dress from spring 1998 signed by Marc Jacobs.

Sadly, getting hold of this dress is a complicated task and only a few lucky ones have this piece in their closet. Even so, we wanted to look for a low cost alternative that, far from being Carrie’s outfit, seems to us a wonderful option.

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