How can you tell how old a grandfather clock is?

This can be found printed or engraved at the centre or edge of the face or stamped on the movements backplate. This is sometimes accompanied by a serial number on the back of the dial that can give a very accurate date and place of origin.

How do you tell the age of a clock?

Handwriting, often initials and dates, is the work of the clockmakers who maintained or repaired the clock. Also, metal parts, especially the bezel, the rim of the dial, or even the door’s hinges, may have engraved inscriptions. These are often Patent numbers and dates, manufacturing places, etc.

How do I know if my grandfather clock is valuable?

A grandfather clock that keeps the time count properly is going to be worth more than if it lost such ability. However, even if a grandfather clock works, the overall condition of the movement and the look are also important for the value. A well-maintained grandfather clock will be worth more.

What year was my grandfather’s clock written?


The song was written in 1876 by a well-known composer named Henry Clay Work, who was married to Parker’s second-great aunt. Counting back from then and noting the song’s lyric “it stood 90 years on the floor,” Parker figures the clock was built sometime in the early 1790s.

What is the golden age of grandfather clocks?

History of the Grandfather Clock

Today, English longcase clocks that were made during the “Golden Age” of clock making (from the 1660s to 1730s) are extremely valuable. These early clocks were made in London for the wealthiest nobility, so their craftsmanship is particularly beautiful.

Can you lay a grandfather clock down on its back to move it?

How do you move a grandfather clock without damaging it? You want to use plenty of caution when moving a grandfather clock – especially the ones that are antiques. Many parts are small, fragile and susceptible to damage. It’s important to always move the clock in an upright position – never on its side or lying down.

How do I know if my clock is valuable?

Clockmaker Marks

Often the authenticity of an antique clock can be confirmed by the presence of a clockmaker’s trademark or insignia that is inscribed on the clock’s movement. Without such markings or an associated label, a clock that is merely attributed to a specific maker will most likely be valued less.

What is the best way to sell a grandfather clock?

You can sell grandfather clocks through an online furniture or antique store, using an ecommerce platform like Shopify. There are more than 80 easy-to-use Shopify websites and themes that can be set up within minutes, to give your grandfather clock store a professional look and feel.

Is there a market for old grandfather clocks?

Most antique grandfather clocks can be worth anywhere from $1000 to $10,000. Of course, the provenance, condition, and artistry will impact the value of an old grandfather clock. This particular grandfather clock sold in early 2022 for roughly $5000. Its condition, beauty and age helped it to sell fairly quickly.

What makes a grandfather clock valuable?

Quote from video:

How old does a clock have to be to be vintage?

about thirty years

A clock is antique when its manufacture date is at least a hundred years before its last purchase. To be vintage, it’s about thirty years. It means that some of your vintage clocks will eventually be antique if you live long enough.

What does a clock look like at 12 30?

12:30 looks like this:

The short hand points at a little past 12. The long hand points to 6. 🌟The short hand tells us that the hour is 12. 🌟The long hand tells us that it’s 30 minutes after 12:00.

How do you read a clock past?

With minutes 1 – 29, we say it’s past (or after) the hour. For example, “It’s ten past three”, or 3:10. Or another example, “It’s twenty after eight”, or 8:20. With minutes 31 – 59, we say to (the next hour).

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