Who does Bambi fall in love with?

FalineFalineFalineFaline is a fictional female roe deer in the story of destiny Bambi and also Felix Salten’s novel Bambi, A Life in the Woods and its sequel, Bambi’s Children. She is Bambi’s mate. She also appeared in the Walt Disney movies Bambi and Bambi II based on the book.

Who has a crush on Bambi?

Faline in Bambi II. Faline’s overall image is the same in Bambi II. She still has a huge crush on Bambi and even surprises him, making him touch his nose on hers.

Is flower on Bambi a girl or boy?

Flower, the skunk from Bambi, is a boy.

Do Bambi and Faline get married?

Faline first appeared in 1922 in the Felix Salten novel Bambi: A Life in the Woods. She was depicted as the daughter of Bambi’s Aunt Ena and, after reaching adulthood, Bambi’s mate.

Are Bambi and Faline siblings?

In the original novel, Bambi and Faline are first cousins. Faline is the daughter of Aunt Ena, the sister of Bambi’s mother. Walt Disney probably discarded this detail because a mating of first cousins would be considered incest.

Did Thumper have a girlfriend?

Character information

Miss Bunny is Thumper’s love interest and mate in Disney’s 1942 film, Bambi. She appears in only one scene when she spots him and falls in love with him after she tricks him into noticing her. She sings and walks up to him and says her only line: “Hello” and is last seen petting his ear.

What is so sad about Bambi?

“Bambi” (1942)

The death of Bambi’s mom is often cited as one of the saddest movie moments of all time, and it’s easy to see why. That’s a lot of blood for an animated movie marketed to kids! According to this book, even Walt Disney’s daughter objected to Bambi’s mother dying.

What is Bambi’s son’s name?

Twin fawns Geno and Gurri are the children of Faline and Bambi.

What is Bambi’s Mates name?

Faline. Faline is Bambi’s mate and childhood friend. Faline’s mother, Ena, was the older sister of Bambi’s mother, making them maternal cousins.

What is Bambi’s mom’s name?

Quote from video:

Does flower have a crush on Bambi?

Flower (Bambi, 1942)

Not only is it love at first sight, it is a full on blush attack for black and white Flower, who then hopelessly announces to a misunderstood Bambi that “he can call me a flower if wants to.

What is Bambi’s boyfriend’s name?

Bambi meeting Faline. Faline is Bambi’s friend and love interest.

How old is Bambi in FNF?

Bambi is 36 years old.

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