Can dryer cause holes in clothes?

Dryer Drums If the dryer drum is not perfectly aligned and balanced, fabric can slip between the drum and the dryer housing. This causes the streaks and can tear holes into clothing. Collar tips and hems are the most likely to get caught between the drum and housing.?

What is causing tiny holes in my clothes?

Moths are a prime suspect when it comes to holes in your clothes, especially if those clothes are made of natural materials like wool, silk, cashmere, and so on. However, there are some other bugs to keep an eye out for as well like silverfish, cockroaches, and carpet beetles.

Why is my washing machine putting holes in my clothes?

These are likely to come from the foreign spinning mill that spun your garment. The process to which the washing machine exposes clothing in combination with detergent will lead to a tenderizing of the thread due to these grains of sand, which will finally burst and leave a small hole.

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