What is a privet tree?

How do I identify a privet tree NZ?

Tree privet is a small to large evergreen, hairless tree up to 15m tall with distinctive lumpy warts on the stems. It has dark green leaves (5-13 x 3-6cm) that are glossy on the top surface and arranged in opposite pairs on the stems.

Are privet poisonous?

Symptoms: Ingestion of berries may result in abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. Contact with berries or leaves may cause dermatitis or eye irritation. The flower perfume may cause respiratory irritation. Warning: Seek medical attention if symptoms occur or more than 5 berries are eaten.

Why is it called privet?

The Latin name is an ancient name used by Pliney to describe these woody shrubs and trees. The common name privet is probably derived from the Latin word �privatus,� which means �not open to the public,� and is an allusion to their long use as hedge plants.

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