Timeless Style: Unveiling Teri Garr’s Ageless Fashion in Star Trek

The fashion evolution of Teri Garr in Star Trek

Star Trek, the iconic science fiction franchise, has captivated audiences for decades with its imaginative storytelling and memorable characters. One such character is Teri Garr, who made a notable appearance in Star Trek: The Original Series. Teri Garr’s portrayal in the series left a lasting impact, not only in terms of her acting skills, but also in her fashion choices. In this article, we will explore the fashion evolution of Teri Garr in Star Trek, highlighting her iconic looks and how they reflected the style trends of the time.

1. The classic Starfleet uniform

Teri Garr joined the Star Trek universe in the third season of the original series, appearing in the episode “Mission: Earth”. In this episode, she played the character of Roberta Lincoln, a young woman from Earth in the 1960s who becomes involved in a time travel adventure with the crew of the Starship Enterprise. As a Starfleet agent, Garr wore the classic Starfleet uniform, a symbol of authority and professionalism.
The Starfleet uniform featured a sleek design with a form-fitting silhouette and a color scheme that differentiated the various departments within Starfleet. Garr’s character, as an agent working closely with Captain Kirk, wore a red uniform, signifying her role in operations and command. The uniform’s clean lines and minimalist approach reflected the futuristic aesthetic of the Star Trek universe, while also incorporating elements of contemporary 1960s fashion, such as the high collar and short skirt.

2. The Swinging ’60s Influence

Teri Garr’s appearance on Star Trek coincided with the height of the Swinging ’60s fashion era. The fashion trends of the time were characterized by bold colors, graphic prints, and mod-inspired silhouettes. Garr’s character, Roberta Lincoln, often incorporated these elements into her wardrobe, reflecting the style of 1960s Earth.
A notable outfit worn by Garr in the episode was a bright, color-blocked mini dress with geometric patterns. The dress featured a shift silhouette, which was a popular style in the 1960s and emphasized a youthful and free-spirited aesthetic. The use of bright colors and bold patterns in Garr’s wardrobe not only added visual interest, but also represented the energetic and optimistic spirit of the era.

3. Retro Futurism

Star Trek’s vision of the future was influenced by the mid-20th century’s fascination with space exploration and the possibilities of advanced technology. This futuristic outlook was reflected in the costumes worn by the characters, including Teri Garr’s character, Roberta Lincoln.

In several episodes, Garr’s wardrobe featured elements of retro-futurism, combining vintage-inspired designs with futuristic details. For example, she was seen wearing a metallic silver jacket with a high collar and sleek lines reminiscent of the space-age fashions popularized in the 1960s. The use of metallic fabrics and streamlined shapes in her outfits created a sense of otherworldliness that emphasized the futuristic setting of the Star Trek universe.

4. The influence of science fiction

As a science fiction series, Star Trek has always pushed the boundaries of imagination and creativity. This influence extended to the fashion choices of the characters, including Teri Garr’s portrayal of Roberta Lincoln.

In certain episodes, Garr’s character was seen wearing costumes that featured unconventional materials and avant-garde designs. Often inspired by alien cultures or futuristic concepts, these outfits showcased the diversity and innovation of fashion in the Star Trek universe. The incorporation of unique textures, bold shapes and unusual color combinations into Garr’s wardrobe demonstrated the show’s commitment to creating a visually compelling and immersive world.

5. Enduring Style Legacy

Teri Garr’s fashion choices in Star Trek not only reflected the trends of the 1960s, but also contributed to the enduring style legacy of the franchise. The iconic looks created for her character, Roberta Lincoln, have become synonymous with fashion in the Star Trek universe.
Decades after her appearance on the series, Teri Garr’s Star Trek fashion continues to inspire designers, cosplayers, and fans alike. The combination of classic elements, retro-futurism, and sci-fi influences in her wardrobe remains a testament to the show’s commitment to pushing boundaries and creating memorable fashion moments.

Finally, Teri Garr’s portrayal of Roberta Lincoln on Star Trek showcased a range of fashion influences, from the classic Starfleet uniform to the swinging 60s style and futuristic aesthetic of the series. Her fashion choices not only reflected the era in which the series was produced, but also contributed to the enduring style legacy of Star Trek. The fashion evolution of Teri Garr in Star Trek serves as a testament to the show’s commitment to visual storytelling and its impact on popular culture.


How old was Teri Garr in Star Trek?

Teri Garr was 38 years old when she appeared in Star Trek. She portrayed the character Roberta Lincoln in the episode “Assignment: Earth” from the original series.

When did Teri Garr appear in Star Trek?

Teri Garr appeared in Star Trek in the episode “Assignment: Earth,” which aired on March 29, 1968, during the second season of the original series.

What was Teri Garr’s character’s name in Star Trek?

Teri Garr portrayed the character Roberta Lincoln in the Star Trek episode “Assignment: Earth.” Roberta Lincoln is a young woman who assists the main characters in their mission.

Was Teri Garr a regular cast member on Star Trek?

No, Teri Garr was not a regular cast member on Star Trek. She made a guest appearance in the episode “Assignment: Earth” and did not appear in any other episodes of the series.

What other notable roles did Teri Garr have in her career?

Teri Garr had a successful acting career beyond her appearance in Star Trek. She is known for her roles in films such as “Young Frankenstein,” “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” and “Tootsie.” She received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in “Tootsie” in 1982.

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