How do you wear Abu fleece?

How do you wear Abu’s?

-ABU cap should be worn outdoors only, just like the blues cover.

How To Wear:

  1. Tighten your boots until you can’t anymore.
  2. Tie a single knot, and wrap the extra lace around the top of your. boot.
  3. Tie a standard bow.
  4. Tuck extra laces into your boot.

Can you wear the fleece without the blouse?

The Black Fleece Liner is authorized to be worn as an optional standalone outer garment with the NWU Type III. When wearing as an optional outer garment, the fleece will be worn over the NWU shirt/blouse, zippered at least 3/4 of the way and will include a sewn-on rank tab.

Do you wear fleece over OCP?

The Army also issued guidance on the green Army fleece jacket, stating on its official U.S. Army uniform website that the green Army fleece jacket is authorized for wear with the OCP as an outer garment.

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